Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of explains the procedure using which it ( handles and collects the user’s data that is used for verification. The privacy policy also lets you know about how you can personalize that information at your own will and also notifies you with the details. These privacy policies are only applicable to the individuals or collectives under control and no other.

Automated collection of data

Some of the information is collected automatically by when you access it. The data that your browser sends to our servers include the IP address of your used device. 

The types of browser that you use, the type and version of the os that you use, your usual language preference, the history of your website usage, the amount of time that you spend on our website, your preferred searches on our website, the times when you visited our website and statistics about your inquiries in our website. 

The data that our system automatically collects does not and can not identify the person accessing the website. The sole purpose of attaining this website is to avoid any kind of abuse of our site by anyone.

Collection of personal information

The web page does not collect the information of anyone who isn’t willing to give it, and they can go on with their ventures on the Casino Guide website. However, also gives the users who want to be identified and have better services to provide their personal information to the site. Again, giving this personal information is entirely voluntary for the users. There is no mandatory requirement for it. Essential information like the email address, name, and address are asked to verify the applicant. The users can use and browse the website without giving any personal data if they do not wish to have those extra privileges.

Reserving personal information

We are legally obligated to storing the user’s personal information. The law requires us to hold the data to resolve disputes and enforce the permitted agreements. The personal information that the users give may be used even after that person has deleted or updated that data until the retention period ends. Even though that data may be used, there is no way to use that data to identify that information holder. The law sets up the retention period. We can only hold the data as long as the retention period requires it to be. After that, all the data of the users get deleted permanently.

Using and filtering collected data

There are two significant reasons at play why we collect and use your data. Firstly, it is that we are legally obligated to do so. That way, every step becomes evidence to avoid any sort of fraud. The second is to provide you with the information that you need. Without knowing much about what you want, we would not provide you with services meeting your needs. Most of the automatically collected information is taken from your activities on our website. But some may even be collected from other sources accessed by your device. Here are some of the core reasons why we collect the information from you – 

  • The quality of the services that we provide shall improve significantly. 
  • It helps us with our marketing and promotional aspects. 
  • Inquiries can be made correctly with the information.
  • As a user, you will have a better experience from our website. 
  • Prize draws and competitions can be administered by us much correctly. 
  • It is necessary to operate our services to our clients. 

The processing of collected information from your device depends on how you use our website and the place from where you access it. Your personal data is used when you have given full consent on using it in some particular manner. This rule, however, becomes obsolete under the European data protection law. The users are legally subjected to be a part of the data processing method. The processing carries out the public interest, and at the same time, the interest of the authority is also vested in it. Some of the legislation allows us to use your personal information until you object against it. So make sure to contact us to know about these terms in more detail.

User rights

There are certain rights of the users that they can exercise to avoid misunderstanding or proper treatment. For instance, the users can revoke their consent to agree with the privacy policy at any time they wish to. The users may also question and can even take legal action if they think any mismanagement has taken place concerning their information. The users can also reevaluate the information they provide, verify, update, and correct it. The one way the users can find about how it takes place is by simply asking us to show them the process. We would be obligated to show the users. The users can also straight-up restrict the processing of your information. If you do that, we are compelled just to store your data and nothing more. You can also exercise your right to make us delete any of the personal information that you want. All these rights are owned by you when you agree with our policies’ terms and agreements.

Privacy of the under-aged

The information is collected as long as the applicant is at least 13 years old or above. Make sure not to provide us with your personal information if you are younger than 13 years old. This can best be applied if the parents make sure that the children are using the internet safely. That is why we advise the parents to closely monitor their children and let them know not to provide any personal information on our website or a website like ours without their guidance.

To fix this kind of situation, we allow the guardians to apply on behalf of the children. But some of the countries may not allow it. Make sure to contact us directly if you find out that your child has given the personal information. 


The users can receive our newsletter whenever they want to. All they have to do is sign up for our newsletter. We have an electronic newsletter that we sent to the clients that request it. We send it via the email address that the user provides us with. Of course, we make sure to protect the privacy of the user’s email. We follow the CAN-SPAM Act that gives a detailed view of handling the user’s emails and protecting them ultimately. There is no access granted to any third party regarding that topic. The users can stop receiving the newsletter by simply unsubscribing it.


The purpose of cookies is to personalize the experience of the users. Different users have different needs, and they can be more easily fulfilled by the websites when the sites get to know their preferences. There is no risk of any infiltration or viruses with cookies. They are purely made for enhancing the user experience. 

Whether you would use the cookies or not is entirely up to you. As they are safe and don’t pose any kind of threat whatsoever, most browsers automatically sync with the cookies. The users can quickly turn off the cookies’ uses from their browser’s settings options after they allowed it. They can also stop accepting cookies for any future encounters. Even the saved cookies can be deleted and cleared from the browser. 

Another thing that is optional to the users but also beneficial is to allow other third-party companies to tailor their ads. These companies may also use cookies to provide you with better advertisements.

Do not track signals

There are plenty of browsers that do not allow the websites that users access to track the users. They prohibit the websites from doing so. But what they deny is the tracking of your activities. On the other hand, we infer some mandatory data to provide the users with a better experience. Now, the monitoring of data isn’t the same as the collection of data. No other information of the users visiting our website is recorded other than the time they spend here. We do not follow where the users head out next or have seen previously. But there are third-party sites out there that try to keep track of your activities online to give you a better experience.


Affiliated links may also receive some of the information for a better understanding of your needs. That way, the patterns are set to have what they want because the affiliates will provide them with such. Of course, those affiliates will surely follow the privacy policy that we are bound to follow.

Links to other websites

Outside of those affiliates, other websites are also linked to our website. These are not controlled or owned by us in any way. They have different privacy policies that they follow. So we are not liable for any action or an incident that may take place on those sites. We are also not to take any credit or liability for the services, contents, or products provided by them. So before using the services of those websites, make sure that you review them properly by yourself. We advise you to read out the terms and conditions of those sites thoroughly.

Safety and security of information 

We entirely protect the information provided to us in a completely secure and unbreachable environment. No other party can have access to the sensitive information of our users.

That way, any other unauthorized entity can never get its hands-on to modify or use your valuable information. But there are certain things that the users must acknowledge about the internet or any wireless network in general. First of all, it is a fact that no matter how much we secure anything, there are always possibilities that are beyond our reach. 

This automatically gives rise to the second point that every online platform faces the possibility of being tampered with by an unauthorized third party. So despite our best efforts concerning the effort, there is no such thing as guaranteed.

Data breach

As the possibility of being breached by some unauthorized party hangs on top of the head, we have made sure that we can counter that sort of attack as well. If the event rises, we have the authority to take the proper steps against it. We stand to launch a full-on investigation and involve adequate law enforcement authorities. Our efforts will not remain limited to those actions. All the users who may have any chance of being affected in any way shall be notified as soon as possible. The notification of such events will be updated on the home page of our website. As our users, you will be individually notified via email.

Legal disclosure

Legal disclosure to any other party is only possible when our company is ever sold to any other company. The same is the case in a company merger or if any other company acquires our site. The users’ personal information shall be handed to the company that will have acquired/ merged/ bought us. This is pretty much the only time for your data to be placed under anyone’s protection other than ours.

Changes and amendments

Updates in the privacy policies are made regularly and shall be made periodically in the future. Our first order of business concerning this sort of change is to notify the users about it. When any kind of material change is made, we update that by updating the link’s date. Other measures are also taken to reach out and notify the users. This process takes place using the personal contact information that the users voluntarily provide us. After updating the privacy policy in any way, the changes immediately occur, and we operate based on those changes. If the users agreed to the terms previously, they would have consented to the terms after making the changes. But there will be no change in the usage of your personal data by our website, other than what you had agreed on previously while agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Acceptance of this policy

By accepting the policy, you can access all the services of the site. At the same time, you would agree to all the conditions asked by our site to be abided by. The acceptance of the terms is a legal requirement for using the services provided by us. So, if you accept them, you will be able to use these services. On the other hand, you may disagree with the terms if you don’t want to. But then you will not be able to access the services available on our website

Contacting us

There is always something that someone wants to know outside the given data. Or you may want to have a clearer idea about the data that is provided. If that is the case, don’t feel shy and explain what you may like to learn. You can contact us by filling up the contact form. We are also very much active on social media platforms. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to know more.