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The game involves six dice, all having six sides with different symbols, i.e., clubs, diamonds, hearts, faces, and numbers. To initiate the gameplay, all six of the dice are tossed on a wooden board. The bets here are placed on which of the symbols will appear the most with the face-up. The results are instant, and so are the payouts. Jhandi Munda may be one of the easiest gambling recreations out there, but it can’t compete with BetSoft’s Lucky 7 casino slot.

How to Play Lucky 7 Casino Slot Machine

Lucky 7 casino slot has proved itself to be a visual treat for the retro slot fans. It gives you an exclusive opportunity to experience a slot in its purest form. Lucky 7 casino slot takes you on a soothing journey way back in time. The standard Cherries, 7s, and Bar symbols nicely compliment the overall classic retro theme. A simple retro soundtrack, coupled with the clinking of coins, enhances the real Vegas gambling experience. Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more about the Lucky 7 casino slot.

Besides, it is equipped with only a single pay line for players to arrange their winning combinations. However, it is enough to score some solid payouts as only a single symbol is required to start a winning streak. The game rewards its wins from left to the right, and only the highest-grossing combination can trigger a payout.

Lucky 7 casino slot is a highly simplified recreation that can easily be mastered. Here are the steps you can follow for a seamless gambling session on Lucky 7 online slot.

  1. You can initiate a session by placing a bet varying between 1 and 3 coins. Besides, the coin denomination can also be altered, and it ranges between 0.02 and 1. 
  2. After deciding your bet, simply click on the “Spin” button to initiate a spin of Lucky 7 online game. 
  3. You can also spin the reels of Lucky 7 online slot for the highest possible stakes by pressing the “Max Bet” button. 

Moreover, In the Lucky 7 casino slot, you can switch between two types of layouts: with or without the paytable. Furthermore, the game slot also comes loaded with an “Autoplay” button that allows you to trigger a multi-revolution spin with a single click.

Bet Options in Lucky 7 Online Slot

Lucky 7 casino slot can be played for a minimum possible bet of 1 coin, while the highest possible stakes in Lucky 7 casino slot are three coins. The coin denomination in ranges between 0.02 and 1. The cashouts Lucky 7 casino game are set to surge with the bets. Therefore, it is highly recommended to play the Lucky 7 online game for the highest possible stakes to get the maximum possible payouts.

Lucky seven online game is a mid-variance slot offering a solid RTP of 97%. This means that if you bet $1, there’s a solid chance that Lucky 7 casino slot will produce $97 in return. Bet now on the Lucky 7 casino slot as some solid wins are on the cards.

Symbols and Payouts in Lucky 7 Online Slot

Lucky 7 casino slot holds all of the traditional retro cards are appearing on the reels to complement the classic theme. These include Single, Double, Triple Bars, Cherries, Red 7s, and the all-important 7s. The details of payouts for these symbols are as follows.

  • Red 7s: These are the highest-grossing symbols in the Lucky 7 casino slot. Three of the Red 7s lined up on the screen can trigger a whopping payout of 5,000 coins. Matching two of these on the line will reward players with 2000 coins, while 1 Red 7 card appearing on the screen will trigger a 1000 coin payout. 
  • Lucky 7s: These are the second-highest rewarding symbol in the lucky seven casino slot with an associated payout of 250, 500, or 750 coins triggered by landing 1, 2, or 3 of these on the pay-line. 
  • Bars: The Single, Double, or Triple Bars can reward you anywhere between 20 to 300 coins. 
  • Cherries: Cherries are the lowest paying symbol here, with a possible payout of 2 to  40 coins. 
  • Special Symbols: Lucky 7 Casino Slot does not feature any special symbols, i.e.,  Wilds, Scatters, or any other bonus symbol.

Therefore, there is not even a single bonus feature included in the game. The players will entirely be dependent on matching the symbol on the pay-line to score any payouts in Lucky 7 casino slot.

Strategies to Win More Often in Lucky 7 Casino Slot

Lucky seven online slot is a certified RNG slot. Therefore, winning it purely depends on your luck on any given day. The following strategies can help you turn the cards in your favor and win some healthy payouts on Lucky 7 casino slot. 

  1. The slot is set to produce higher payouts on higher stakes. Therefore, try to spin for the maximum stakes to maximize the payouts. 
  2. Try out the casino slot free version before putting your hard-earned money on the line to get used to the gameplay. 
  3. The casino slot is a mid-variance game, and it will take some time to roll out some reliable payouts. Therefore, you’ll have to be patient and let the game show its true colors.

Lucky 7 Casino Mobile Slot Experience 

Lucky 7 casino game runs on the latest HTML 5 technology. It is entirely compatible with all mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPads, and Tablets. Besides, the game is designed to optimize according to the screen resolution of your device. Therefore, you will get a seamless gambling experience regardless of your device.

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Final Thoughts on Lucky 7 Casino Slot

Even though BetSoft is known for creating some highly complex games, Lucky 7 casino slot is surely one of their best recreations till now. Lucky 7 casino slot is a highly simplified game with a substantial payout potential. All in all, Lucky 7 casino game is a true classic in every possible scenario.


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