Parimatch India – Online Casino and Betting with Bonus INR 105,000

Created in 1994 and licensed by the Curacao gaming authority, Patimatch is believed to be one of the oldest online casinos in the world. The company is legal in India, and every new customer can use the platform’s advanced features to play more than 1000 modern casino games: Slots, Table Games, Roulette, Blackjack, and Live Casino games. Do not forget that new clients have an opportunity to receive generous bonuses, and you just need to use the most comfortable payment option (credit cards, eWallets, UPI, Paytm, cryptocurrencies) to deposit at least 70 INR and get +100% in bonus funds.

Choose this platform for an exciting journey to the gambling world.

About Parimatch Casino

Parimatch is a renowned country all over the world. When people visit any of the mediums of Parimatch they will be greeted with pictures of all-time greats like Mike Tyson or current day sensations like the notorious Conor McGregor. Parimatch Casino, this beauty of a gambling medium started its journey in 1996. Now Parimatch has spread around the world like a frenzy of wildfire and is taking over the online gambling platform slowly.

Year founded1994
The licenseCuracao 
Software versionsBrowser version (mobile, desktop), mobile app
Players from IndiaYes
Settlement in Indian rupeesYes
ServicesBetting, live betting, online casino, live casino offers
BonusesWelcome bonus: +100% up to ₹8000
Minimum Deposit and WithdrawalMinimum deposit: ₹70
Minimum withdrawal: ₹100
Customer ServiceEmail, hotline, WhatsApp, Live Chat

Two huge decisions were made in the same year of 2020 by Parimatch. One was to release a sports news medium by the name of Parimatch News. And the second was to step into the country of India. Parimatch news has shown their competence even in the midst of the dangerous pandemic. They have worked relentlessly to provide their readers with authentic news. So, what about Parimatch in India? Well Parimatch India has done a great job so far as well. 

  • Parimatch has a Hindi version for all of their websites including Parimatch news.
  • Parimatch casino has a huge collection of Indian gambling games.
  • Parimatch sports has a dedicated section to cricket. 
  • Indian people can use the rupee as a viable currency in any transaction with Parimatch. 

This Parimatch casino review will try to cover all grounds, in terms of its pros and also a few of its cons.

Parimatch Casino Review

Parimatch is a considerably great platform for the people of India. It has many positive sides to it. The first part of this Parimatch review will be to point out all the great aspects about Parimatch in India and Parimatch in general.

  • Has a plethora of games in it. 
  • Having rupee as a currency makes it favorable to the Indian players
  • The interface of the Parimatch app is very smooth 
  • It has a Hindi version for the Indian clients of Parimatch
  • The customer support for Parimatch is more than satisfactory.

Flaws are an essential part of existence. They point out the next target to improve for the entity with that, it should be considered by Parimatch that to get an even better Parimatch casino review, they should try to fix these issues:

  • Parimatch needs an FAQ section as it doesn’t have any. 
  • In order to use both the sportsbook and casino, the user has to open two separate accounts.

Read the whole article to make a reasonable decision about Parimatch casino.

This is pretty much what can be said from an honest Parimatch review. The rest of the article can be considered as a Parimatch review itself.

Is Parimatch Casino Legal in India?

Parimatch is completely legal in the jurisdiction of India. It is completely legal to use any verified media to gamble online in India. Parimatch is deemed a reputable online gambling platform. The government of India has reviewed Parimatch and decided to give Parimatch complete authority to conduct their business. 

This question arises mostly from the fear of illegality of gambling in some places of India. It should be cleared out that the specific places that have deemed gambling in India illegal have done it to the physical transaction of gambling. This does not have anything to do with online platforms like Parimatch. According to a report of 2019, India had transacted over 400 billion dollars in gambing. In short, online gambling is legal in India.

Be sure that online gambling in India with the help of Parimatch is absolutely legal.

Parimatch Casino Welcome Bonus

Parimatch invites its users on the grandest scale possible. If there is anything sweeter than honey, then it’s free giveaways. Parimatch online offers its new coming guests a huge giveaway in the form of bonus gifts. There are multiple forms of bonus provided by Parimatch.

There is a welcome bonus for all the newcomers to Parimatch in India. The bonus is a 100% deposit of over 8000 rupees.

  1. Open a Parimatch Account.
  2. You’ll see an “Activate bonus” option for you to click on. 
  3. Since the Parimatch account requires some personal info, they will use that to send a message to the user. 
  4. It will be sent to complete the method of registration. 
  5. Upon registration, a small amount of at least 300 rupee needs to be deposited in the Parimatch account. 
  6. Your Parimatch account will give you the bonus offer by default.

You can't just cash out your Parimatch bonus.

But the bonus also has some conditions:

  • You must avail of it within 7 days of your Parimatch India registration.
  • At Least 300 rupees need to be deposited for the offer to be in use. 
  • The odds of the bet that the bonus is held against having to be at least 1.50.

Parimatch Casino Account Registration

Registering in the Parimatch community is easy as cake. And much like a cake some work needs to be done before enjoying the deliciousness of it. Here’s how to do it and what information you need to fill in.

Open the website

Open the Parimatch website on your browser.

Be sure that it's a real official website and not a fake.

Click on “Sign up”

Tap on it in order to join Parimatch.

This will open a registration form.

Fill in the info

Enter your phone number and assign a password.

Select a strong and distinctive, yet preferable password.

Get ready to bet

Confirm terms and conditions and press the ‘Sign-Up’ button. You’re now set up with Parimatch.

Go to the Casino section at Parimatch website and start gambling.

How to Verify Account on Parimatch Casino?

One of the most exciting parts of this Parimatch casino review is just how easy it is to verify your account on Parimatch. If you go to the Personal Data option on your Parimatch account, you will find the option to verify your account. The verification of your Parimatch account is a great way of making sure there is no duplicity going under your account on the gambling world. If an ID is verified then it will be so valuable to show as evidence in the court of law. And that evidence will be accepted by the law.

Parimatch account verification asks for a few information that can only be held in the hands of the owner of those information. It reduces the chance of fraud in both sides of the online transaction in Parimatch. Here are the infos thats are required to verify an account:

  • Passport
  • International Passport 
  • Permanent Resident Permit
  • Temporary Registration 
  • Refugee Certificate 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Military Card

That's why you have to provide only true information while registering at Parimatch.

Deposit Methods

Parimatch in India has a great method of depositing money. The best part about depositing money in Parimatch is that one doesn’t need to pay any additional fee for depositing money in it. Parimatch has made it sure that their clients aren’t charged for these matters. Here is to the way of depositing money on Parimatch.

  1. Enter Parimatch account using your existing account.
  2. Press on the “Make a Deposit” button on the Parimatch website or app.
  3. There will be a lot of options to deposit your money. Choose the one most suitable for you. 
  4. Now there will be a slot asking the amount of money you want to deposit in Parimatch. 
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit. 
  6. Deposit the money into your Parimatch account.

No you can get a welcome bonus and start gambling at Parimatch.

In the points above it is mentioned that Parimatch gives multiple options to deposit money. 

Read more about Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal process is also free of any additional fee from Parimatch like depositing it. Anyone can do it. It will take just the steps below to withdraw money from Parimatch.

  1. Open your Parimatch account through an app or website.
  2. There will be a withdrawal option under the Finances column.
  3. Click on that withdraw option. 
  4. Select your preferred method of withdrawing your money.
  5. Enter the amount you want to Withdraw.
  6. Withdraw from your Parimatch account.

Now you know how to withdraw your winnings.

Much like depositing, Parimatch has multiple methods of withdrawing money as well. 

  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Bank Transfer.

Parimatch Casino App for Android and iOS

Parimatch has an exquisite app for its users. And this Parimatch casino review will be incomplete without talking about its mobile phone capabilities. The world has gone handheld in the 21st century thanks to mobile phones. Mobile Apps are specifically made to run perfectly on the phone. Parimatch has written down on their notebook and has reached the gamblers and punters through their phone, which is a great bonus for all. Now there are two major platforms out there for the smartphone industry. Parimatch has launched an app version for both of these platforms. Let’s check out how they can perform or will perform under both of these renowned platforms.

Download Parimatch APK for Android

There is an immense number of smartphone users in India and it is growing by the minute. Among the already existing smartphone users in the country over 95% are android users. Parimatch has for that reason created a spectacular app for android. But as Google doesn’t allow most of the real-life gambling apps or games that generate real money for people, Parimatch app is not available in the Playstore. It is the same for all the top-class brands like Parimatch. And Android doesn’t recognize any app that is downloaded from a different site than Play Market.

Keeping that in mind, here is the way of downloading and installing the Parimatch app for Android.

  1. First, go to the website of Parimatch.
  2. Download the APK file of the Parimatch app from there.
  3. Go to settings and allow unknown applications to be installed in order to allow the Parimatch app to be installed
  4. Click on the APK file.
  5. Install the Parimatch app for Android.

Open the Android app on your smartphone and start playing casino games.

Download Parimatch App for iOS

Unlike the android platform, the iOS platform is rather understanding of the gambling apps like the Parimatch app. They have less regulation concerning gambling apps or games and allow them if they are following all the legal criterias.

As Parimatch follows all the legal criteria and has a history of being an online casino built on trust, Apple has allowed Parimatch to be on the App store. Here how you can get it on your iOS-based device.

  1. Go to the App store of your iOS device.
  2. Search for Parimatch app.
  3. Click on the install button.
  4. Install the Parimatch app for iOS.

Now you can start gambling right on your iPhone.

Parimatch Online Casino

Parimatch with its wide range of sports isn’t only confined to sports. As stated previously that Parimatch started their journey as a casino. That makes Parimatch casino one of the main highlights of Parimatch. The functions of Parimatch casino can be defined in specific parts. So the concept of the Parimatch casino is summed up in the points below.

Gambling Softwares

The games that an online platform like Parimatch casino provides aren’t all made by them. There are professionals in different sectors. The professionality to these different sectors of gambling and development is carried out by different groups of people. Parimatch casino leaves the development to the developers and buys from the best of them, Another great bonus.

So the renowned developers in the world of online game development who provide for Parimatch are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Up Games 
  • Authentic Gaming
  • BetConstruct
  • Ezugi 
  • Lucky Streak 
  • XPG

Parimatch slots are provided only by treustworthy and well-known developers.

Along with the games that are named above there are a total of 14 companies that provide Parimatch Casino with their necessary software. Granted that Parimatch doesn’t have a big roster of developers inside considering their level of services. But the fact remains that with this limited resource Parimatch casino was able to pull off one of the greatest online casino platforms out there.

Casino Games

If you are thinking of entering the world of Parimatch casino and wondering about what games are included in the roaster of Parimatch casino, then prepare to be dazzled. Because after your visit to the Parimatch online casino you will sure think about what game isn’t there. It’s okay to get lost in the ocean of games that is brought to you by Parimatch. Here are some of the fan favorite games with their genres on attached.

Do you love Blackjack? Then you’re in luck. Because Parimatch online casino is considerably one of the biggest bookmakers in the entire planet when it comes to the game of Blackjack.
What classic game roulette is! And Parimatch explores all of its best games for their users: Classic Auto Roulette Live, Golden Roulette, Auto Roulette Live Speed 2, Immersive Roulette, London Roulette.
Slot Games
A Parimatch casino review without its fan-favourite slot games is completely unimaginable. The synonym for slot machine in English language should be lazy man’s ways to riches. It is the easiest way for anyone to earn some good dollars. Parimatch online casino has made it easier for the users with their plethora of slot machine games out there.

All of these popular games are available at Parimatch casino.

Read more about casino games in India

Live Casino

A bonus for every gambler is the bonus feature of a live casino on any website. Parimatch understands the raw feeling of putting money on the line in a live casino. That is why Parimatch has created one of the smoothest platforms for their customers to enjoy live gambling online.

These live casino games are no different than real life casinos. Getting out of the boring old slot machine circle, live casino games pump up the blood of the users with the constant thrill of the live game. It makes you feel like you are in vegas. 

  • You can choose from multiple croupiers
  • There is a live dealer for every table in the game 
  • Bets can be made on Malta Casino using the Parimatch Live Casino

Parimatch live casino also provides a large number of most popular live games. The clients always look for that all in one style of the online casinos. Parimatch makes sure to fulfill that wish of the clients. Here are some of the most popular live casino games worldwide that are available in Parimatch. 

Experience these games in a live-mode and get even more joy.

Gambling Limits

Distinct games in the Parimatch casino have different limits to them. Here are some of the key factors that differentiate among the limits in the Parimatch casino. 

  • Differentiation in game types.
  • Different tables that the players gamble on.
  • The frequency of the gambling of the player.

Considering these features Parimatch is a truly unique online casino.

Apart from that there are huge payouts in the cases of the jackpots. But winning those are extremely in the hand of lady luck even in the Parimatch online casino.

Parimatch Casino Customer Support

Parimatch Casino has an excellent record when it comes to customer support and services. Parimatch can be contacted in many ways. Parimatch can be contacted by their customers via. 

Feel free to contact a support team whenever you have a problem.

Hopefully, this Parimatch casino review will help you decide where your gambling future belongs. With all its exclusive features, including the bonus, the accessible interface, the preferable deposit and withdrawal methods, and the immovable security, it won’t be a bad choice, for sure.


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