Best Craps Online Casino Sites for Real Money in India

Unlike the opposite casino games like blackjack and roulette craps online could be a casino game. Now craps online are being played in numerous countries. Craps online have added plenty of variation. If you would like to understand a way to play craps online then there are such a big number of websites and videos which will cause you to understand the way to play craps online and where you’ll play. Now the provision of the net is increasing so every game is getting dynamic. That’s how craps online are now being enjoyed online. Can you play Craps online for real money? Absolutely yes. It’s fun and very easy.

Sign up for an online casino and play craps via your mobile phone or laptop.

Top 20 Best Craps Online Casino Sites in India

Below you will find information about the best online casino sites in India to play Craps online for real money.

Rank Name Rating Benefits Bonus Description Link
1 Parimatch ★★★★★5
  • Live Casino
  • 500+ Games
  • App for Android and iOS
+100% Up to INR 105,000 Get the Welcome Bonus after making a minimum deposit of INR 350.
2 Dafabet ★★★★★5
  • Over 100 games
  • App for Android and iOS
  • INR support
+100% Up to INR 8,000 Get your First Deposit Bonus on the next day upon meeting the minimum deposit INR 1,000.
3 Melbet ★★★★★5
  • Accepts Indian Players
  • Accepts INR
  • Live Casino and Slots
+100% Up to INR 8,000 Welcome Bonus is available after making a minimum deposit of INR 110.
4 Pure Casino ★★★★★4.9
  • Accepts INR
  • 500+ Games
  • Accepts Indian Players
+100% Up to INR 10,000 Pure Casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to INR 10,000 to the newcomers.
5 22Bet ★★★★★4.9
  • Awesome Welcome Bonus
  • Easy Registration
  • Accepts INR
+100% Up to INR 25,000 22bet Welcome Bonus is +100% Up to INR 25,000 for new players.
6 ComeOn ★★★★★4.8
  • 100% Safe
  • Live Casino
  • Slots and Table Games
+100% Up to INR 10,000 Get a Welcome Bonus of up to INR 10,000 after making your first deposit.
7 Jeetwin ★★★★★4.8
  • Many Types of Bonuses
  • 100+ Games
  • Live Casino
5% Cashback (Up to INR 15,000) The bonus is available to all new users who have made a first deposit.
8 LeoVegas ★★★★★4.7
  • Easy Registration
  • Slots and Live Casino
  • Accepts Indian Players
+100% Up to INR 10,000 In the first deposit the player makes, LeoVegas casino will give out huge bonuses!
9 10Cric ★★★★★4.7
  • 200+ Games
  • Convenient Deposit Methods
  • Android and iOS App
+150% Up to INR 20,000 10Cric promotes a diverse set of casino bonuses to Indian players up to 20 000 INR.
10 1xSlots ★★★★★4.6
  • INR support
  • 1000+ Games
  • Accepts Indian Players
+100% Up to INR 22,500 New players may even get up to 22,500 INR in bonus cash and 150 FS. Minimum Deposit INR 75.
11 Rizk Casino ★★★★★4.5
  • Accepts Indian Players
  • Easy Registration
  • App for Android and iOS
+100% Up to INR 20,000 To get the welcome bonus you need to register and make your first deposit.
12 Royal Panda ★★★★★4.5
  • 100% Safe
  • Accepts Players from India
  • Accepts INR
+100% Up to INR 100,000 Royal Panda also offers lucrative promotions to impress its customers. The amount gets credited after you make first deposit.
13 Casumo ★★★★★4.5
  • 1600+ Games
  • Live Casino
  • Useful Mobile App
+100% Up to INR 50,000 Casumo Casino gives all new customers the right to use a premium 100% bonus for their first deposit.
14 Betway ★★★★★4.5
  • Best Live Casino
  • 500+ Games
  • Simple Refistration
+100% Up to INR 10,000 A welcome bonus of up to INR 10,000 on first deposit is available for users from India.
15 Mostbet ★★★★★4.5
  • Curacao License
  • Accepts INR
  • Live Casino
+100% Up to INR 25,000 After registering and making your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of up to INR 25,000.
16 Pin-Up ★★★★★4.5
  • 5,000+ Slots
  • Live Casino
  • Accepts INR
120% up to ₹450 000 To get Welcome Bonus, you simply need to make the first deposit.
17 JVSpin ★★★★★4.5
  • Easy Registration
  • Convenient App
  • Accepts INR
+100% Up to INR 120,000 New users receive a bonus of up to INR 120,000 +150 free spins on their first deposit.
18 Voodoodreams Casino ★★★★★4.5
  • 200+ Games
  • Easy Registration
  • Live Casino
+100% Up to INR 10,000 Get your first deposit bonus of up to INR 10,000 + 200 free spins.
19 Jungle Raja ★★★★★4.4
  • Accepts INR
  • Simple Registration
  • Live Casino
+100% Up to INR 10,000 In addition to the welcome bonus, as a first deposit bonus, you get 100% up to 10,000 INR.
20 Karamba ★★★★★4.4
  • Live Casino
  • 100+Slots
  • New Casino Brand
+100% Up to INR 15,000 Karamba Casino gives new players a warm greeting with a bonus of 100% up to 15,000 INR and 100 free spins.

What is Craps Online?

Craps online is that the digital version of the classic craps. Instead of practical instruments, it’s being played within the software online. So mainly craps online is that the digitized version of normal casino craps.

Playing craps online will cause no problems for you.

The History of Craps

Craps online is an ancient game. For a very long time, this game has been played. Roman soldiers invented this game at their time. Arabs also played this game. As mentioned earlier craps online may be a casino game that’s classic and played in Europe and America after war 2 it got recognition as a viral game it’s now such a lot popular that folks from all around the world are playing on the net.

Now you can play the modern version of Craps at an online casino.

Craps Online Rules in India

Below we look at the rules of the game Craps online.

Type of Dice and Possible Dice Combinations

How to play Craps online? Varieties of dice and dice combos there are to play mainly the 2 dice accustomed to playing the sport. There are some point numbers and other odd numbers. There will be in total 36 combinations on either side containing 6 dots. If the day is nice enough then the combo of the dice can make your day. The probability of winning or losing is counting on the player’s moves. The luckiest person is the winner. If someone is looking at the shooter rolling a 2 and facing 35 to 1 odds. If that man wins, though, you simply get a 30 to 1 payout.

Learn more about dice combination and it's meaning in Craps.

Rolling the Dice

Rolling dice is like playing ludo almost. This is to roll dice for making points and achieving wager. The way someone rolls the dice that will determine the luck of that person. To have different outcomes the dice is rolled differently though there is no specific rule to throw.

You winning can depend on how you roll the dice.

Craps Online Table

To make a playing arrangement there must be some instruments to begin a craps casino game. The table is the main structural thing. That table contains different slots and different marked places. Different segments express various things. It’d seem very jeopardized at the primary glance but once it’s understood slowly the terms it’s very easy to play.

Study the craps' table structure before starting to play.

How to Play Craps Online and Win in Casino?

Being ancient game craps online is not that much hard to play. But, how to play casino craps and win? It is very simple to demonstrate and very easy to understand but as it is a game it has some rules to play so let’s know the rules and regulations of playing craps. But can you play craps online for real money? Yes, and the rule is the same for the craps online also. If you know how to play casino craps and win, then it becomes way easier to play craps online.

So, actually how to play craps casino? The basic betting in craps online is that the pass line bet, which may be a bet for the shooter to win. This bet should contain a minimum of the table minimum and at the most the table maximum. If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, the bet wins. If the come-out roll is 2, 3, or 12, the bet loses which is known to us as crapping out. That’s how to play craps casino.

Starting from opening the Table. Then you have to select your site and launch the craps casino table.

Choosing the Stakes is the first thing to do before starting playing. Then you have to understand and specify the stake level which suits you and findable to start placing your bets.
On the Come-Out Roll, you have to place your bet. Then you have to take note of the points. So, playing craps casino is that much easier. Knowing these methods of how to play craps casino can take you to extreme heights of success in craps online gambling.

Log in to any online casino, find the Craps game and start playing on money.

Most Popular Types of Craps Online Bets

Line Bets

There are many bets in the craps online but the most commonly played is the line bet. It is a bet to win the shooter or who plays first. A pass line bet is the easiest bet that may be to play. Line bets are Don’t pass line, pass line these are usually played.

Line bets are the easiest for online casino newcomers.

Multi-Roll Bets

This bet is a more interesting bet among all the bets may be. The bets will stand until the quantity you’re reckoning on has been rolled, or until the round involves end after a 7 is termed.

  • Hard Way Bet;
  • Easy Way Bet;
  • Big Six and large Eight;
  • Place / Buy Bet;
  • Lay Bet.

You can place some different bets during craps playing.

Single-Roll Bets

This is a one-time playing bet. Someone can play any of the moves once.

Rather interesting kind of bet in craps.

Players Bets

All the bets are included in the player’s bets that are played usually.

You can add your regular bets to the Plyaer bets.

Multi Different Bets

Two types of bets are called come bet and don’t come bet.

This type of bet is more fore experienced craps players.

Working and Not Working Bets

A working bet can be called the working bet. In other words, all the bets that work well can be called the working bets and others that are not in favour are called not working bets.

You should try to make all of your bets working bets, during the craps playing.

Odds of Craps Online

Odd in the craps online means that the house has the least number that is 0 edge. This is called that odd in the craps casino.

You can calculate odds while playing the craps.

Strategies to Win in Craps Online

Though it’s very easy to play you ought to always need to follow some rules and methods. It is totally a brain game so you have got to play together with your mind and need to understand the opponent’s moves. By starting with small hands you’ve got to grasp the sport. There are some games like blackjack, roulette, craps. They pay a high RTP so these games should be played very carefully one mistake can cost you lots of cash. Sometimes you will get cornered in order that time you ought to stop playing lots of chips. It is better to require a chance instead of losing all of your money. 

There’s no craps online strategy that may beat the casino advantage, but you’ll decrease the casino edge to the minimum with the subsequent basic craps casino strategies. 

Pass Line and Combat Odds Strategy: Pass line and combat odds strategy you create a pass line bet of $10. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Start with small bets and if you were winning you’ll be able to increase the dimensions of your bets. Pass line bet has a 1.4% casino advantage. 8 is rolled and a point is established, so you will benefit from pass line odds. Bet 3 times $10 pass line bet equals $30 odds. Bet twice the odds, and bet decreases casino edge to point sixty hundredths, and on your craps casino table is allowed 3 times maximum odds bet which decreases casino edge to further point forty-seven percent five times. 
  • Odds bets, if it had been allowed, would further decrease the casino edge to point thirty-three percent, before the dice are rolled again we place a bet. So you’ll have more bets working for you. 
  • Dice are rolled and nine is established as another point. The bet is moved to corresponding box number nine. You can cash in 3 times and the odds are nine. These odds are rather like pass-line odds. Bet decreases casino edge to point sixty hundredth pass line bet and are available bet are mathematical, the identical. 
  • You can place another bet before the following roll: we will have up to 6 come bets engaging at the identical time, each inbox, representing one among established points. 9 is rolled and our combat wins and gets paid $10 for $10. Likewise, because the craps online come odds bet wins and gets paid, real craps online odds that 6 are going to be rolled what’s 3 to 2, $45 to $30, that the wind presents $95 in $55, in winnings, and also $40 in original bet. 
  • The combat is moved to the box representing 9 and that we place thrice come odds play 9 again, and another come bet 7 is rolled and pass line bet with pass line odds lose further, as come bets with come odds on established points. In our case, on 9, combat wins 1-2-1, or $10 in $10. 
  • Just in case, if you didn’t let 7 out, you might continue your combat and available odds betting strategy will sustain, and also with some luck, you would be able to cover all the available points and this can be when the massive wins and craps online don’t pass. Do not count on any strategy fully, though. This particular strategy isn’t used in live casinos because most of the time, you’d be betting against most players at the table, who wouldn’t contribute to the atmosphere at the table but nothing should stop you from using this strategy online.

Choose the most profitable stratefy for you to play online craps.

You Can play Craps Online for Real Money or for Free?

Playing craps online is very much easy. You just have to go online and log in to some sites to play for real money and earn a lot of profit. There are lots of systems to play free also. There are so many apps. Craps online is legal in India and people can always go to those apps and play the game. Some recommended apps are given below 

Check best online casinos in India

Sign up for these online casinos and play Craps.

Play Craps Online on Mobile Devices

Mobile is the recent trend of this world. All the players of real casinos and normal people can play this on mobile by just downloading some verified apps and websites. You play real-time on mobile and have fun.

Read more about best mobile casino in India (2021)

Install an online casino's app on your mobile and play craps whenever you want.


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