Best Skrill Online Casino for Real Money in India

Skrill is one of the most popular electronic payment service providers in online casinos among all existing. If earlier this method wasn’t so widespread among gambling fans, today, almost every Indian gambler has an account in Skrill.

Why is it worth using Skrill? It should be noted this payment service provider has somewhat many advantages. Let’s consider some of them.

First, you will have an opportunity to attach the payment order account to the cash card that is considered the safest method. Thanks to Skrill, you won’t need to provide an online casino or other recipients’ data of the card. It’s much better since giving this information directly you risk some cheaters will take away all your money.

Secondly, Skrill is considered very popular and automatically does it by the most often used payment service provider among many companies. Therefore, by registering here, you will be able to take Skrill deposits in the casino and use it for some other purposes.

Thirdly, in Skrill, everything is effortless – registration, use, and so on. Here it’s possible not only to recharge casinos but also to order their conclusions.

Of course, as well as any other electronic payment service provider, this has its deficiencies, though, at Skrill, it’s possible to allocate such only one. It takes a higher percent for the translations if you compare him to other systems. Also, Skrill will have a high percentage of the commission for replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

In this review, you find all necessary information on this payment service provider, thereby having solved for yourself, you will use Skrill in the future or not.

Skrill is a very popular payment method and is available for Indian casino players.

How to Deposit at an Online Casino with Skrill in India

Well, we will start, perhaps, with how to still deposit and withdraw money to the online casino through Skrill. It’s precisely what we will talk about in this section.

It’s worth highlighting Skrill is a well-known company that has existed on the market for many years, so storing money here is absolutely safe. You can be entirely sure your money is in safe hands.

So, how do I open the Skrill account, and how could I start?

You can choose Skrill as a safe and secure method for depositing money on casino games.

Open Skrill Account in India in 6 Easy Steps

As usual, acquaintance with payment service providers begins with registration. To get access to a private office, follow the step-by-step instruction which is given below.

Step 1: Press the Registration button

Click “Registration” in the right top corner and pass into a particular form. If you plan to use a payment service provider via the mobile application, it’s possible to download it and be registered directly by smartphone.

The registration form will be opened.

Step 2: Enter personal data

Enter a first and last name in Latin letters.

Enter only your real name ana last name.

Step 3: Choose account currency

Choose the country and currency of the account.

You can choose Indian Rupees for financial operations in Skrill.

Step 4: Think up the password

Think up the password for the account. Subsequently, for an entrance, the email address and this combination will be used. If suddenly you forget the password, it can be restored. Receiving repeated access will require binding of scans of documents of the user so attentively you enter all data at registration.

Enter strong password to make your money safe.

Step 5: Finish registration

Press “Register.” The service will ask you to confirm you aren’t the robot, having answered a captcha. After that, the system will move you to a private office that you can begin to use.

Now your registration is completed and you have your Skrill account.

Step 6: Use it with pleasure

Done! After completing registration, you can use the personal account in Skrill, deposit and withdraw funds, and not only.

You can use Skrill to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos in India.

An important point! At registration, it’s necessary to consider that only the full age person can become the user. It’s forbidden to create an account for persons 18 years younger. If there is a suspicion of violation of the payment service provider’s rules or fraudulent operations, the user profile can be blocked.

Add Money in Skrill in India 

If you don’t know how to make a first Skrill deposit, we invite you to read a little step-by-step instruction that will help to avoid any faults.

  1. Sign in to the gaming account. To get started, you need to log in to a personal gaming account.
  2. Select “Deposit”. Once you’ve signed in, click “Skrill Deposit”.
  3. Find the Electronic Wallets category. Then, find there “Electronic Wallets” or a similar category, where Skrill will be among all the options.
  4. Enter the amount and pay. When you find the right category, enter the required amount and pay.
  5. Complete the transaction. After that, you will finally be moved to the payment system page, where you need to log in and complete the transaction.

Depositing with Skrill is very easy and quick process.

Withdraw Money From Skrill to Indian Bank Account

Now we should talk about how to withdraw money from Skrill. After all, this is one of the necessary conditions for using a virtual account. So what the payment system offers users:

  1. Transfer to Visa bank card with a fee of 7.5%. Funds can go up to 7 working days. Before sending money to the card, you need to link it to your account. Don’t forget to convert if you’re using a card issued in a different currency.
  2. To a bank account, but the financial institution must support operations through SWIFT. It’s better to clarify the fee when making a payment. On average, you will have to pay 5.5 Euros.

There is also the possibility of making your own Skrill card. This feature is not available only for users living outside the European Economic Area. Those who were lucky enough to issue a Skrill card can transfer money to it with a fee of 1.75% of the amount.

Leran all the fees that it can take to transfer money from Skrill to any Indian bank.

Send Money From Skrill to other E-wallets

Another way to withdraw funds is to transfer funds to another user inside the system. The minimum transaction size is 1 Euro or Dollar, depending on the currency of your wallet. It only requires the recipient’s e-wallet address.

If they don’t have a virtual Skrill account yet, you just need to sign up for the address you sent them the transfer to. If the recipient doesn’t create an account in the payment system, the transaction will be canceled.

Of course, not all electronic wallets “get along” with each other. For example, you can transfer from Neteller to Skrill and vice versa, but you won’t do this with PayPal and Paytm.

Be sure that the e-wallet accepts transfers from Skrill.

Use Skrill on Casino Sites In India

The essential thing, in this case, is to choose an online casino that Skrill accepts. For Indian players, almost all available online casinos offer Skrill as a payment method. Then you’ll need to sign up for an account, sign in and verify, choose Skrill as your payment method, and finally confirm your payment.

Skrill is pretty popular payment method and you can easily use it at almost every online casino.

Which Indian Bank Support Skrill?

We are pleased to inform you that Skrill is working with all central banks in India that accept credit cards. However, some banks providing ICICI and AXIS debit cards don’t always get this method of payment.

But average Indian casino player with a bank card can use Skrill.

Skrill offers safety and security

As already noted, using Skrill is absolutely safe. The company belongs to the Paysafe group, namely the same organization that owns other payment platforms, such as Neteller and Paysafecard. It’s located in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore, you can be calm – Skrill gives you some guarantee that everything will be fine with your finances.

Just sign up for Skrill and start use it as a convenient casino payment method.


Is Skrill Secure & Safe In India?

Absolutely. The company has unique two-factor authentication for security. The information transmitted by them is encrypted per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Is Skrill Legal In India?

Yes, this payment method can be used throughout India for any purpose you need.

Is Skrill Available In India?

Yes, Skrill is available in India.

How Do I Close My Skrill Account?

To close your Skrill account, you need to login into your account and follow this sequence: Settings >> Account settings >> Account status >> Close account. Before you close your account, please check you have withdrawn or transferred all funds available.

Is There A Skrill App I Can Use?

Yes, Skrill has a particular application that you can install on your device by downloading it from Google Play and the App Store.


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